In 1911, Willy Eisenschitz enrolled at the Academy in Vienna, but as early as 1912, his fascination with French Art led him to move to Paris where he went on to study at the Académie de la Grand Chaumière. In 1914, he married his fellow student Claire Bertrand. From 1921, Eisenschitz spent the summers in Provence and contributed to art shows all over France. Until 1942 1943, he was a member of the vivid Parisian art scene around the painters of the „École de Paris“ among whom there were numerous Jewish artists. During World War II, he went into hiding in Dieulefit and subsequently returned to the estate „Les Minimes“ near Toulon. Beginning in 1951, he regularly travelled to Ibiza and went on to live both in Paris and in Provence. Countless exhibitions in France, England and oversees, as well as purchases by renowned museums, indicate the considerable international standing of his œvre.
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