In 2000 Roland Widder founded Widder Fine Arts as a gallery dealing in Austrian and German art of the 20th century. The focus is on artworks from 1900 - 1938. Occasionally contemporary artists are exhibited. In 2014 the premises were enlarged and the position as a leading gallery dealing in Austrian arts of the interwar period has been affirmed.

In addition to gallery exhibitions, Widder Fine Arts exhibits at major Austrian Art Fairs and has been publishing over 40 books. Besides a large stock, Widder Fine Arts represents the estates of: Theodor Alescha, Alexander Drobik, Willy Eisenschitz, Marianne Fieglhuber-Gutscher, Herbert Gurschner, Karl Hauk, Carry Hauser, Edgar Jen, Karl Mediz, Emilie Mediz-Pelikan, Erich Schmid, Franz Senkinc, Trude Waehner and Georg Philipp Wrlen.

We are actively buying art, welcome any offers and are happy to advise you in selling your works of art. Looking forward to your message!

Mag. Roland Widder

Roland founded Widder Fine Arts in Vienna in 2000 in continuation of his mother's business. He holds a master degree in political science, history and journalism in Vienna and is an editor of several books on Austrian artists. He likes to do biographical research and acquire artists or collectors whole estates. As an expert on Austrian art from the interwar period, he is happy to support and advise you.

MMag. Julia Schwaiger

After completing her studies in art history and Romance studies in Vienna and Zaragoza, Julia Schwaiger began working for Widder Fine Art in 2009. She is interested in dealing with the art of the interwar period and the stories behind the pictures. She is happy to pass on her enthusiasm for the artists' biographies and the paths taken by the paintings to the gallery's customers. In addition to intensive customer care, she takes care of the contact with museums and the expansion of the online presence.

Antonia Fusban B.A.

Antonia Fusban completed her bachelor's degree in cultural studies at the University of Vienna, where she also began her master's degree in art history. In addition to the University of Vienna, she studied at the Roma Tre University in Rome and at the Humbold University in Berlin. She has been interested in the art trade for a long time, particularly appreciating the connection between theory and practice. Her tasks include administration, logistics and customer care in the gallery and at trade fairs, as well as handling daily correspondence. She is particularly interested in working with artists' estates and art collections.

Arno Lffler, M.A. B.A.

In 1999, Arno Lffler took hisMagister Artium inHistory and History of Art at the Free University of Berlin. He went on to work for Faksimile Verlag Luzern, Kulturstiftung Fssen e.V., as art editor for the Liechtensteiner Volksblatt, at the common office of the Austrian Diabetis Association and the Austrian Obesity Association, and repeatedly for Widder Fine Arts. In 2015, he completed his Bachelor of Arts in English and American Studies at the University of Vienna. His focus is on the new podcast format, Widderhren.

Karoline Eberhardt M.A.

Karoline Eberhardt studied art history at the University of Vienna and gained experience in several Viennese museums. Her focus is on Austrian art from the turn of the century and the 20th century. She has been responsible for customer service at Widder Fine Arts since 2014, overseeing artist estates and catalog projects. She is particularly interested in the rediscovery of artists and the processing of biographies and works. She appreciates the exchange with museums and collectors and the contact with interested parties and customers.

Dipl. Ing. Ivan Rancic

Graduating from a business engineering school, Ivan Rancic studied Linux Administration and Web Development in Belgrade. After advancing to a Full Stack Web Developer, he moved to Austria in 2011, where he worked as a programmer in various industries. Due to his many years of experience in software programming and design, he is responsible for all IT matters at Widder Fine Arts since 2018 and supports the company in its digitization strategy. Currently Ivan Rancic is launching a new CRM / CMS system that simplifies all relevant work processes at the gallery and brings them together in one application.