Max Oppenheimer studied at the Academy of Art in Griepenkerl´s class as well as at the Academy of Art in Prague. In 1908 he returned to Vienna and participated at the art salon "Kunstschau". After intense travels throughout Europe he lived after 1911 in Berlin, where the famous editor Paul Cassirer sponsored him. In 1912 Oppenheimer changed his signature to "Mopp". The same year the important gallery Thanhauser in Munich organised a one-man-show. At that time also a book was published about his work in Vienna and the Viennese gallery Miethke showed his work. In 1915 he moved to Switzerland, then to Berlin and Vienna, where he exhibited in the Hagenbund. Being a Jewish artist, he was persecuted by the Nazi and emigrated in 1938 first to Switzerland, then to New York. In New York he lived a very quiet life until his death in 1954. Oppenheimer, who was acquainted with Kokoschka and Schiele, was strongly influenced by expressionist, cubist as well as futuristic art movements. His highly expressionist oeuvre was shown in international exhibitions and made him one of the important Austrian painters of the period 1920 - 1940.