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Recently forgotten female artists come into the spotlight and their works are shown in museums and other exhibitions. Marianne Fieglhuber-Gutscher's pictures have rested with her family for a long time but will find their place in art history henceforward. In our current exhibition we are presenting a first selecetion of her works. You'll find biographical, photos, literature and more information about her life and work on the homepage


Half of the net sales of this exhibition go to to Doctors Without Borders, so when you're buy a painting, you're also supporting a good cause!


All works are on display at the gallery and we're looking forward to your visit and your orders from our webshop. You can reach us by phone at 0043 - 676 - 629 81 21 or by email to


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Roland Widder, Julia Schwaiger, Ricarda Pfaffenbichler, Katharina Dietz